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The line up of artists at the 2021 Gathering features Acoustic music with emphasis on original songs

Pete DenahyBruce WatsonNancy Bates Andrew Clermont / Paul Wookey / Khristian Mizzi / Brushwood Folk Band / Courtney Robb & Snooks La Vie / Apocalyptic Breakdown / The River Pearlers / Christy and Jason Wallace  / The Ladybirds / Shamrock / Penny Nulty / Hut / McHarg Creek / Michael McGregor / Chris Wyly

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Pete Denahy
Pete Denahy

Pete is the headline act and his unique style of song writing and performance will have you laughing ‘til you cry. He hails from Yackandandah in Victoria. He blends fiddle tunes, bluegrass style original songs and madcap comedy to provide the audience with an escape from reality most of them feel is worth their while.

As well as performing Australia-wide through the year, Pete also hosts music tours to Japan twice a year to explore the bluegrass scene from Hiroshima to Tokyo.

Bruce Watson
Bruce Watson.jpg

Bruce Watson is an icon of the Australian folk scene. He has appeared at over 170 folk festivals across Australia since the 1990s. He plays regularly at festivals, folk clubs, house concerts and other venues throughout Australia.

Bruce has a keen sense of the absurdities of life. Nothing is sacred, but many things are precious. A concern for people, the environment, reconciliation, and for life's mysteries and ironies runs through his songs. His serious songs are both moving and challenging, and he is not afraid to tackle the hard issues.

His act is one to be seen as well as heard, with plenty of audience involvement and usually a few surprises. Bruce will make you laugh, cry – and think.

As well as performing during the weekend, Bruce will be conducting the song writing section of the Schools Program.

Nancy Bates
Nancy Bates.jpg

Nancy Bates is a Barkindji Woman, and an accomplished singer-songwriter.  She has been under the wings of national treasure Archie Roach for 3 years as a backing vocalist and gutarist for his wonderful songs and music. She tours nationally and internationally as a band member and support act.

In her own right, Nancy is a prolific vocalist and songwriter who caught the attention of Archie Roach and his Manager Jill Shelton in 2014. Archie Roach rates Nancy as one of the finest singer-songwriters in Australia, who deserves to be heard. 

Nancy will be holding a song writing workshop on the weekend.

Andrew Clermont
Andrew Clermont

Andrew is an International performer, 3-time winner of the “Bluegrass Guitar Champion” at Tamworth, and Director of the Golden Fiddle Awards.  Andrew Clermont is a talented multi-instrumental musician from Bluegrass to Indian, Scandinavian to Old time music.

Andrew has toured Australia and US country music and rubbed shoulders with the cools of jazz and classical.

Andrew will be holding a digeridoo workshop during the weekend. He will be on the panel for the Youth Mentoring program.

Paul Wookey
Paul Wookey

Paul is an amazing guitarist and singer songwriter from Melbourne and has been a distinctive singer and songwriter since he first discovered the music of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan and was inspired to pick up a guitar and emulate his heroes.

Over many years he has honed these skills and toured extensively throughout Australia with occasional international forays.

A regular performer at numerous folk and country music festivals, he won the prestigious Best New Artist Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 1981 in recognition of the quality of his first album, "Mountain Breakfast" distributed through EMI.

Khristian Mizzi

Khristian Mizzi is a singer songwriter whose poetic lyrics and beautiful voice earnt him a standing ovation at Sandford 2020. Khristian was awarded the 2017 Troubadour Artist of the Year.  His songs elegantly articulate many contemporary issues Australia and the World are facing today. His award winning songs have been described as 'captivating', leaving listeners feeling they have experienced something truly special.

He has performed as headline act at various Regional Concert Halls, House Concerts and has performed at numerous Festivals around the country where he continues to captivate capacity audiences.

He will be on the panel for the Youth Mentoring program.

Brushwood Folk Band
Brushwood Folk Band.jpg

The Brushwood Folk Band is a 5–piece band playing traditional Celtic and Folk music. Brushwood Folk Band are an Adelaide-based group comprising of; Joe Cairns Vocals and Bodhran, Brent Miller Bass and Vocals, Kath Kennedy Fiddle and vocals, Mike McGregor Guitar Mandolin vocals, and Doug Campbell Guitar.

The band can be seen playing at festivals and sessions around the country and in their home state of SA. Their music is Celtic / Australian with some contemporary thrown in depending on the audience.

Specialising in toe tapping jigs and reels with some beautiful ballads and old favourites.

Courtney Robb and Snooks La Vie
Courtney Robb & Snooks La Vie.png

Adelaide-based Courtney and Snooks are a duo whose performances will leave you wanting more. Courtney is a talented bluesy singer song writer and is ably supported by Snooks with some of the best harmonica playing you will ever hear.

Courtney and Snooks move between the lines of alt-country infused folk and blues. Courtney’s charged vocal delivery demands something of her listener as the imperfections and fragility of her stories reveal themselves. Together with Snooks’ soaring harmonica they create a unique and compelling sound, encompassing a soulful pop sensibility that has seen the duo attract the attention of local and interstate music festivals and music lovers alike.

The River Pearlers
The river Pearlers

The River Pearlers is a trio group featuring vocals, guitar, double bass and fiddle. Henk Groot (vocals and guitar) was originally from Millicent. They entertain with original, folk and country songs. The River Pearlers are Henk Groot (guitar, vocals), Tony Schick (double bass) and Ashley Turner (fiddle).

Henk began playing guitar at 12. He’s played gospel, cabaret, folk and country and now plays folk banjo, mandolin and fiddle. An accomplished singer/songwriter, Henk’s ambition is to write the quintessential Aussie folk song with the support of his fellow ‘River Pearlers’. Fiddler, Ashley Turner, plays a variety of styles and focuses on ‘Old Timey’ and Western Swing. He collaborates with Henk and other great Australian musicians and songwriters. Tony Schick started playing Celtic music as a guitarist with local bands in the 70s, but over time he developed an affinity with the double bass. In another dimension he also plays double bass with the Adelaide Scottish Fiddle Club and the “In Your Dreams” String Band.

Apocalyptic Breakdown.jpg
Apocalyptic Breakdown

Apocalyptic Breakdown is an Adelaide-based group of 4 fabulous musicians who got together during the COVID-19 restrictions to write many new thought-provoking songs wonderfully delivered with a range of traditional instruments and glorious harmonies.

Stumpy Gully Bush Band.jpg
​Stumpy Gully Bush Band

Stumpy Gully is a fun band that was formed to support
community events and raise funds for local charities and
community groups. The group plays a mix of bush, folk and
bluegrass often interrupted by spontaneous outbursts of bush
poetry or lively banter.

McHarg Creek.jpg
McHarg Creek

McHarg Creek is a duo that plays American, gospel, blues, folk music combination with a broad range of instruments and glorious harmonies.

The Ladybirds.jpg
The Ladybirds

The Ladybirds are an Adelaide-based group, originally from a barbershop singing background, they have added ukulele and guitar to their beautiful harmonies. The Ladybirds will be conducting a harmony singing workshop during the weekend.


Hut is a 6-piece band of accomplish musicians, regularly seen at music festivals in South Australia, who play country, blues, and folk music and encourage great rollicking sing-a-longs with glorious harmonies.

Penny and David Nulty.jpg
Penny Nulty

Penny and Lawrence are a duo from Ballarat. Penny has been wowing crowds since she was 12 years old. She has graced many festivals and venues over the years, and has picked up an impressive collection of musical awards along the way.

While her roots are in country music, Penny has been developing and honing her amazing and memorable voice to a point where she can handle almost any style of music. 

Lawrence is a Golden Guitar winner from 2000, with the band, The Sparnetts. He plays drums and bass, and runs drum therapy programs and workshops at festivals, seminars and conferences.

Christy and Jason Wallace.jpg
Christy and Jason Wallace

Christy Wallace has taken her songs from the Limestone Coast to renowned passenger train The Ghan and abroad on artist residencies in France. Joined by her husband Jason on guitar and often with their son Jimmy on drums, the trio’s gracious approach has won over crowds wherever they go, with a focus on a country-folk style and relatable original songs of life in regional Australia.


Shamrock is a traditional folk band from Pooginagoric, south of Bordertown, who play traditional Irish and English folk music with some great home-grown songs thrown in.

Chris Wyly.jpg
Chris Wyly

Chris has been singing from an early age with the first live performance at a 400 strong primary school assembly.  A natural musician, Chris plays piano, guitar and drums. Accepted into the Special Interest Music Program at Seaview High School, Chris’s versatility has led to the senior rock band as their drummer and lead singer.

Chris has won the Penola Show Open Mic two years in a row and performed on Stuart Stansfield’s morning show on ABC South East radio. More recently Chris has turned her talent to song writing, with her debut song ‘Everything’ reaching number 40 on Triple J Unearthed High.