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Image by Sarah Mae

Worst Country and Western Song Competition

The Worst Country and Western Song Competition encourages you

to bring out your inner cowperson and win $100.



Write and sing your most heart-wrenching, cliché-ridden Country and Western song as long as it takes no more than 4 minutes!

You can use any tune you like but the words must be original. You may sing in a group or individually.

A separate category is for a Country and Western song that includes the names of as many sponsors as you can.


Judging will be held before Sunday’s afternoon concert on the Main Stage.
Bribery and pork-barreling in the best tradition of the Frances Folk Gathering is tolerated.

There will be 2 prizes awarded;

  • $100 for the best 'Worst Song',

  • Bottles of Coonawarra’s best for the song with the most sponsors mentioned.

List of 2023 Sponsors (Coming)

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